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34 life is a cellular automaton, like Conway's game of life. In this variation, there are two rules:

- If there are 3 or 4 live cells around a given cell, that cell will turn on or stay on in the next generation.

- Otherwise, the cell will turn off or stay off in the next generation.

Unlike randomly generated objects in Conway's life, which tend to stabilize into various still life shapes or oscillating patterns, objects randomly made in 34 life are likely to expand and engulf the entire grid. Before fast computers became available, this property was not apparent to those who explored it. Despite the explosive nature of 34 life, there are dozens of interesting oscillators and patterns.

Below is a list of all the objects which I have found, and some other commonly known ones. "O" signifies a live cell, and "." shows a dead cell. I gave a name to each object based on what it looked like or how it behaved. Some of them have comments, too. Thanks to Lifelab and Winlifesearch, which helped me find many objects! If you find any new objects or have anything to tell/ask me, my email address is esperantanaso@gmail.com.

Click here for an interactive simulation:


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