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32 KB SRAM (x4): CY62256NLL-70PXC
1 B register (x7): 74ACT374PC
1 B serial in parallel out shift register (x3): CD74HCT164E
1 N counter (x10): CD74HCT193EE4

2 N => 1 N mux (x17): CD74HCT257EE4
dual 4 => 1 mux (x1): SN74HC253N
8 => 1 mux (x2): SN74LS151N

1 => 8 dmux inverting (x4): 74AC138PC
dual 1 => 4 dmux non-inverting (x2): 863-MC14555BCPG
1 => 16 dmux inverting (x1): CD74HC4515E

1 B buffer (x9): CD74HC244E
quad independent buffer gates (x7): SN74LV125ANE4

octal NOT gate (x2): SN74HC240NE4
hex NOT gate (x1): CD4049UBE
quad AND gate (x4): 74AC08PC
quad OR gate (x6): CD74HC32E
quad NOR gate (x2): CD4001UBEE4

1 N adder (x2): CD74ACT283E
1 N comparator (x2): MC14585BCPG
1 B greater than comparator (x11): SN74LS682N

decade counter (x1): CD74HC4017EE4
1 B counter (x5): CD74HCT4520EE4

timer (x3): 555
4 MHz oscillator (x1): XO52CTFLNA4M

100' long wire (x?):
breadboards (x17):

octal DIP switches (x3): 3-5435640-9
buttons (x2): TL59FF160Q

various resistors and capacitors for timers and signal outputs (x?): ?
resistors for grounding chip inputs (x?): ?
1 Kohm resistor (x1): CFS1/4C102J
3.9 Kohm resistor (x1): CFS1/4CT52R392J
16 Kohm resistor (x1): CF1/4CT52R163J

0.1 uF capacitor (x?): 140-50V5-104Z-RC
LED with built-in resistor (x12): 4302H5-5V

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