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The total number of chips used is 41.

555: timer
4017: decade counter
CD74HCT193EE4: 4-bit binary up/down counter with data reset (x5)

74AC04PC: hex inverter (x3)
CD74HC32E: quad 2-input OR gate (x4)
74AC08PC: quad 2-input AND gate (x2)
4001: quad 2-input NOR

SN74HC125NE4: quad bus buffer gate with 3-state outputs
74VHC244N: octal buffer/line driver with 3 state outputs (x2)

863-MC14555BCPG: dual 1 bit to 4 bit demultiplexer; non-inverting
74AC138PC: 1 bit to 8 bit demux; inverting (x2)
CD74HC4514E: 1 bit to 16 bit demultiplexer; non-inverting

SN74HC253N: 4 bit to 1 bit mux
CD74HCT257EE4: 2 nybbles to 1 nybble multiplexer (x6)

4013: dual D-type flip-flop
MC14076BCPG: quad D-type flip-flop with 3-state outputs (x4)
CAT22C10LI20: Hybrid NVRAM; 4 bit I/O, 6 address bits (used for RAM)
CY62256NLL-70PXC SRAM; 8 bit I/O, 14 address bits (used for VRAM)
CAT28C16AL: 2 kilobyte EEPROM (used to store programs)

CD74ACT283E: full 4-bit adder
MC14585BCPG: 4-bit magnitude comparator

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