Simulation controls:

World dimensions: by
world by cells on side:

Save code:  

Example circuits:


WASD or arrow keys: Move camera.
Z: Change zoom.
G: Show or hide grid.
Spacebar: Start or stop simulation.
0-9: Select corresponding cell type.
R: Rectangular selection tool.
Command + Z: Undo last action.
Command + E: Erase cells under selection.
Command + C: Copy cells under selection.
Command + X: Cut cells under selection.
Command + V: Paste cells.


This is a logic gate simulator created by Jack Eisenmann. It is based on blocks in Exitium. See some of the example circuits to learn how each element works. There are still features and optimization I want to add.

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Select a cell type:

R: Selection Tool

Right click the canvas to clear cells.
Clear radius: