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= = = CACTUS QUEST = = =
Designed and programmed by Jack Eisenmann
Use the arrow keys to move the cactus or select menu items.
Down key: interact with in-world objects.
Z key: select menu item, use item.

X key: use secondary item.
Q key: pause, skip dialogue.
W key: cycle between pause screens.
The save data stored in the box to the left contains the progress of your game. Put the code somewhere safe on your computer before you close out of this window! To continue playing game, paste the code into the box, and select "load from textbox" from the title screen.
If nothing appears on the left side, or if there is a blank square, you need to use another browser. Chrome is recommended; Safari and Firefox will work, too. This game is written entirely in JavaScript, so if for whatever reason your JavaScript has been disabled, you will need to turn it back on.

Beta Testers:
Benjamin Selden
Gray Riley
Jenna and Rainy
Jeffrey Fishman

For browser detection and key events, I used code from W3Schools, and the canvas draw function originated from the Mozilla Developer Center; however, this third party code accounts for only a couple dozen lines of code out of the thousands that I wrote. I created the graphics engine, the scrolling engine, the controls, the physics engine, the enemies... Just about everything. It was a lot of work!

If for whatever reason you want to use parts of the code, feel free; I deem it open source. Just give me credit! There is some commentary and I tried to use specific function/variable names, but you still may find it abstruse to follow. I would love to answer any questions if you are trying to reverse engineer the game. My email address is esperantanaso at gmail.

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