Number of players: 2
Time: 0
Squares Left to Uncover: 381
Flags Remaining: 99
Field Width:
Field Height:
Number of Mines:


This is a multiplayer implementation of Minesweeper. In Minesweeper, the player's goal is to uncover all the squares on the grid except those which contain mines. When a square is uncovered, a number may be revealed which shows how many mines are adjacent to that space (both horizontally and diagonally). If you know that a space contains a mine, you should put a flag on it.

Each of the four players uses a set of keys on the keyboard.
Player 1: Arrow keys, slash to uncover, period to flag
Player 2: WASD, E to uncover, Q to flag
Player 3: TFGH, Y to uncover, R to flag
Player 4: IJKL, O to uncover, U to flag

This implementation features a couple of other useful features. When the player starts a new game, a blank space is automatically uncovered so the player does not have to search for one. If a player clicks on an already cleared space, the game will automatically clear or flag surrounding spaces according to the number under the cursor. But beware! If a player clicks a number and if nothing is automatically done, the player receives a 10 second penalty.

Happy sweeping!
-Jack Eisenmann

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