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A Simplification of English Spelling, Grammar, and Lexicon
By Jack Eisenmann

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Vötgil is a reduced form of my older constructed language. Every word contains exactly three letters. For example: "Fam" (family), "Vim" (important), and "Nos" (notice). Vötgil contains no antonyms, and instead uses the descriptor "Vöt" to invert the meaning of a word. "VötHap" (anti happy) means sad, "VötByf" (anti before) means after. The lexicon is minimalistic; more complex ideas can be expressed with several words. "SmeGon" (smell organ) means nose; "LanBum" (land bump) means hill. The alphabet consists of grayscale elements in a compact grid. The small word list, simple grammar, familiar words, and efficient writing system should make Vötgil desirable for learning.